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What are the differences between PyFreeBilling and P-KISS-SBC (PKS)?

PyfreeBilling was created in 2011 in response to the need to buy and resell VoIP minutes and the constraints of stability, performance and security.

The project then evolved to take into account the needs of SIP operators to connect providers and their customers.

After many years, I decided to change the positioning of the project. There are solutions for billing calls, and PyFreeBilling doesn't add any value without adding additional functions such as managing subscriptions, packages, billing, etc.

Another requirement is to have an easy-to-administer solution to secure SIP communications, to connect IPBXs with one or more SIP carriers in order to route calls to the outside world and incoming calls to the right IPBX.

As I have a keen interest in security, and a wealth of ideas on the subject, I decided 2 years ago to reorient the project in this direction. P-KISS-SBC was created to separate the 2 solutions offering different functionalities.