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P-KISS-SBC is an actively maintained and constantly improved project that caters to a diverse user base with varying backgrounds and needs. In order to effectively address the needs of all our users, evaluate requests, and fix bugs, a lot of work from us maintainers is required.

How to contribute

We have invested quite a lot of time in creating better templates for our issue tracker, optimizing the processes for our users to report bugs, request features or changes, contribute to the project, or exchange with our community. This section of the documentation explains each process.

Creating an issue

  • Something is not working?

    Report a bug in P-KISS-SBC by creating an issue and a reproduction

    Report a bug

  • Missing information in our docs?

    Report missing information or potential inconsistencies in our documentation

    Report a docs issue

  • Want to submit an idea?

    Propose a change or feature request or suggest an improvement

    Request a change

  • Have a question or need help?

    Ask questions on our discussion board and get in touch with our community

    Ask a question