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Post Installation

Now that P-KISS-SBC is installed, we're going to connect our first SIP provider, our first IPBX and route calls from a DID to our IPBX and route calls from the IPBX to our SIP operator.

Optional step

The local logging driver is recommended as it performs log-rotation by default, and uses a more efficient file format. To configure the Docker daemon to default to a specific logging driver, set the value of log-driver to the name of the logging driver in the daemon.json /etc/docker/daemon.json

“log-driver”: “local”

Restart Docker for the changes to take effect

sudo systemctl restart docker.service

And to check

docker info --format '{{.LoggingDriver}}'

Simple steps

1. Create a SIP provider
2. Route calls to our SIP provider
2. Create an IPBX
3. Add DIDs and route them to our IPBX