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P-KISS-SBC, is a simple SIP Proxy, easy to learn, fast to deploy, ready for production


Numerous SIP / SBC Proxy or even SIP gateway solutions exist. Although the range may seem large, in reality there are 2 types of solution:

  • complete solutions, but complex to implement and operate. The entry ticket in terms of infrastructure (server and/or licence) is high. Finally, the day-to-day management skills (SIP peer creation, SIP debugging, etc.) require a good deal of training.
  • frameworks, often OpenSource, such as Kamailio, OpenSIPS, Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Yate, etc., which allow you to develop your own in-house solution, but which require you to be familiar with the SIP/RTP protocols and these solutions.

What is P-KISS-SBC ?

PKS is a simple, high-performance and modern SIP proxy for interconnecting SIP trunks and IPBXs.

Key features include :

  • Easy: Designed to be easy to use and learn. Less time spent reading documentation.
  • Intuitive: A clear, concise and useful web interface
  • Quick to deploy: Configuration and deployment wizard.
  • High performance: A single virtual machine can easily handle over a thousand simultaneous calls.
  • Robust: Ready for production: stable, secure and reliable

P-KISS-SBC has been designed according to the KISS principle, keep it simple, stupid! This principle defines a design guideline that advocates simplicity and that any non-essential complexity should be avoided.

What can I do with P-KISS-SBC ?

PKS is positioned as a simple solution with limited functionality. Its purpose is to meet the need to interconnect one or more operator SIP trunks to one or more IPBXs.